You’re the top!

So, this has been in my running/fiddling with code/writing playlist for a while.

Naturally that’s got me thinking I should take a crack at the challenge proposed by Ask Me Another, and update those highly period-specific lyrics:

You’re the top!
You’re a Pixar feature.
You’re the top!
You’re a Whedon creature.
You’re a two-page endnote in a D.F. Wallace tome.
You’re a NASA rover,
A four-leaf clover,
You’re the microbiome.
You’re a dream,
You’re mid-cent’ry style,
You’re the gleam in Don Draper’s smile.
I’m the nominee for the G.O.P.—flip flop!
But if, baby, I’m the bottom, you’re the top!

Yeah, okay, that probably still needs some work. If you can do better, show me in the comments.◼