Stuff online, disappearing shorelines and thoughtful fingertips edition

2014.09.05 - Lower Manhattan I


  • Nickel-and-dime misgovernment. How local governments, especially small ones, are way worse than the Feds—and how they’re shaking down their poorest citizens with court fees and traffic fines.
  • If we’d just spend the money. There’s a system in place to mass-produce an anti-ebola drug.
  • It’s almost as though conventional wisdom is just Baby Boomer projection. Apparently millennials read more books than their elders.
  • Or, the only thing that got me through yesterday. A brand remembers September 11.
  • Because this is totally what’s holding us back. The legal complications of mining asteroids.
  • Going down. Thanks to erosion and rising sea-levels, there’s a lot less Louisiana than you might think.
  • Pretty slick. A plasmid that gives bacteria genetic code to fix nitrogen also helps them mutate to better work with a host plant.
  • And yet they’re no help with my writer’s block. Receptors in your fingertips are thinking about what you touch even before they tell your brain about it.