Stuff online, conservation and consternation edition

Summer sunset in the boundary waters.

Photo by Clint McMahon.

  • For now and the future. Fifty years of wilderness protection in northern Minnesota.
  • Not feeling the fucking love. A soft-pedal profile of I Fucking Love Science, and its emphatic counterpoint.
  • Visibility! A new site devoted to the personal stories of LGBTQ scientists.
  • Maybe a bit? Is ecology explaining less than it used to?
  • Maybe not different “species,” though. How one bacterial symbiont split into two without ever leaving its host.
  • C’est vrai. On immersion-learning a foreign language, and the meaning of learning.
  • Government bureaucrats over corporate bureaucrats. Make government smaller and more efficient by hiring more workers instead of out-sourcing.
  • And he ought to feel like one, by now. Hope Jahren sure has an asshole for a colleague.
  • Best unintended consequence ever. A socialist utopia is no place for pickup artists.
  • Robert Moses versus humanity. The man behind the worst public planning choices of the 20th century.
  • As in everything else. American inequality applies to diet quality, too.
  • Antonin Scalia is a horrible, horrible person. Exhibit A.