Science online, poisonous misinformation edition

Bird - Duck - Mallard Quack. Photo by blmiers2.
  • The first Carnival of Evolution for 2013! Now online at Genome Engineering
  • Sure, why the hell not? Did “restless genes” help humans conquer the planet? (Seriously, this is a good piece.)
  • If it quacks like a quack … The science-free advice of Dr. Oz.
  • Diversity of sampling for the win. How hormonal birth control might mess with mate choice—for both straight and gay women.
  • I mean, really, who doesn’t know to smell their tea for bitter almonds? Thank the gods for dumb poisoners.
  • Very, very, effective cows. Are leafcutter ants farmers, or cows?
  • Don’t be the third reviewer. Unless you have to. Advice on how to peer-review a paper.
  • Smarter isn’t always better. Selecting guppies for bigger brains demonstrates that big brains are expensive.
  • Yow. Pioneering anti-GMO activist apologizes, says genetic engineering can be environmentally beneficial.

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