Only a week left to contribute to the Diversity in Science blog carnival

Diversity in Science CarnivalThere’s just a week left to send in your posts for the Pride edition of the Diversity in Science Blog Carnival. The carnival will be right here at Denim and Tweed on 30 June, so I need submissions by the 27th so as to have time to put it all together.

Let me add a point I don’t think I’ve made before: blog carnivals are traditionally about aggregating links to blog posts, but you don’t have to write a thousand-word essay to contribute. You can send in photos, videos, even favorite songs—or send links to other folks’ work (credited appropriately!) that you think the DiS audience would appreciate. Carnivals celebrate by aggregating, and we’re interested in all kinds of media.

You can submit posts and other material directly to me by e-mailing a link, or use the handy online form Alberto Roca has set up at MinorityPostdoc.

Thanks to all the folks who have contributed so far!