Science online, (don’t) feel the beat edition

Whitetail deer: adorable forces of ecological destruction. Photo by HerpShots.

There’s just a few days left to submit your posts for the Pride Month 2011 edition of the Diversity in Science Carnival.

  • But how will we identify vampires now? A new artificial heart design is simpler than other models, pumping blood without creating a pulse.
  • Schadenfreude. The production company responsible for the anti-science hack film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” has gone bankrupt.
  • So we’ll have those sharks any day now, right? Living cells engineered to produce green fluorescent protein become the first-ever biological lasers.
  • Not mentioned: liberals more likely to accept lousy pay. Why academia might, in fact, have a liberal bias.
  • In some cases, yes. Are invasive species as bad as we’ve been led to believe?
  • Say it ain’t so, Stephen Jay. To demonstrate that a historic (and racist) study of human skull size was biased by systematic manipulation of data, Stephen Jay Gould systematically manipulated data.
  • Save a serviceberry bush—eat venison! A multi-decade experiment provides strong evidence that too many deer are bad for forests.
  • Not by running with scissors. How the cave-dwelling isopod lost its eyes