Science online, no sharks whatsoever edition

Armadillo Twenty-six percent longer, you say? Photo by Rich Anderson.
  • The Ecological Society of America met in my front yard this week. And there was coverage at Dynamic Ecology and the EEB & Flow, and of course all over Twitter.
  • This week, at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! I put the “Don’t Sleep with Mean People” spat to rest.
  • And at the Molecular Ecologist: The care and feeding (and protection) of great big genetic datasets.
  • Think I’ll just have the black bean burger. Lab-grown hamburger gets its first taste test.
  • Apart from “because it’d be cool.” Why you should, or shouldn’t, have your genome sequenced.
  • Prepare to start scratching. When you watch this video of a mosquito bite from the inside.
  • In armadillos, naturally. An in-depth study of the structural changes associated with erection of the penis.
  • Establishment matters. What invasive species can teach us about climate-change-induced range shifts.
  • For fish, anyway. Fish raised in stimulating environments are smarter.