Malware? Not here.

So several people (all using Chrome) have now alerted me that they’re getting this alert when they navigate to

Screencap courtesy Tim Vines.

Here’s what seems to be going on. That “known malware distributor” site, is Jarrett Byrnes‘s blog — apparently it’s been hacked, and Jarrett hasn’t been able to clean it up yet.

Why does this generate an alert for Denim and Tweed? I believe it’s because somewhere (probably multiple places), D&T links to — both because I’ve linked to posts there, and because Jarrett has commented here. However, so far as I can tell, there’s no malware on Both an independent scan of the site by Sucuri and Google’s “Safe Browsing” diagnostic give a clean bill of health.

If anyone has further information, or some idea what I ought to do beyond these checks, please let me know in the comments. (I haven’t been able to replicate the warning message on any browser.) If isn’t cleaned up soon, maybe I’ll have to find and purge the links to it.◼