Science online, #Evol2012 hangover edition

2012.07.10 - Parliament from the river Canadian Parliament, which is apparently composed of wizards. Photo by jby.
  • This week at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! We went to Evolution 2012, and Sarah Hird tried to decide what to do when her paper was accepted by a “predatory” journal.
  • I’m shocked, shocked! In which Huffington Post and the Daily Mail manage to screw up coverage of dinosaur sex.
  • I’m sure there’s a game theory model to explain this. The ongoing fight between proponents of group selection and kin selection has surprisingly peaceful origins.
  • Because they’re underrepresented, actually. Why members of underrepresented minorities in academia should have blogs.
  • Good thing they’re so stupid. Oppossums are exceptionally resistant to poisoning, and the molecule that protects them also works for rats.