Science online, incredible shrinking skulls edition

Albatrosses: big, majestic, not particularly good at preventing their chicks from being eaten by mice. Photo by James Preston.
  • New at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! The role of evolution in species invasions.
  • Carnival time. A new edition of the botanical Berry-Go-Round is online.
  • Doing more with less? Human brains have been shrinking for tens of thousands of years.
  • Eek! A vital seabird breeding colony is being decimatd by mice.
  • Interesting. Antidepressants are more effective in combination with stress hormones.
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria. On the rise in China.
  • It doesn’t look especially tasty. How to make the scientifically perfect sandwich.
  • The King Canute Memorial Act. The state government of North Carolina is trying to legislate climate change out of reistance.
  • A new way to encode. Ed Yong tries out a new DNA-based font.
  • No, not publications. Get ready for Evolution 2012 with a handy list of Ottawa pubs.