Science online, whales’ teeth and hand driers edition

“… all they’re doing is shooting a blast of hot bacteria full force onto your hands.” Photo by eatmorechips.
  • Much like my transition to regular coffee drinking. Ancient proto-whales’ transition from terrestrial to aquatic life is recorded in their teeth.
  • Non-anthropologists should also take note. Anthropology gets a dressing down, from an anthropologist.
  • So is it possible to get high on fake weed? The placebo effect may work through the same biochemistry as a marijuana high.
  • Pretty fast, all things considered. The path of a publication, traced from initial observation to acceptance, over a mere three years.
  • Hot-air driers: gross as well as ineffective. The disease-fighting possibilities, and failures, of public restroom design.
  • Science writers commemorate teachers who got them started.
  • I, for one, etc. A new brain-machine-brain interface gives monkeys prosthetic limbs with a sense of touch. (See also.)
  • Eventually. Tortoises are not social animals, but they can learn by watching other tortoises.
  • With nuance. Charles Darwin, animal rights advocate.