The Molecular Ecologist: The 2014 Next-Generation Sequencing Field Guide

Alineando secuencias (1) Photo by Shaury.

One of the most popular items at The Molecular Ecologist isn’t a blog post—it’s Travis Glenn’s “Field Guide” to the capabilities and costs of the many next-generation sequencing technologies currently available. Today we’re pleased to release the 2014 update to the Guide, this time with some new personal insight from Travis in the form of both an introductory blog post and a new table rating the overall quality of each technology:

Overall, if you are in the market for a next generation DNA sequencer in early 2014, the data indicate one clear inexorable trend – think Illumina. For fans of the Brady Bunch – Illumina, Illumina, Illumina! For fans of Star Trek – Prepare to be assimilated by one of Illumina’s Borg-like cubes. For fans of Henry Ford – You can have any NSG instrument you want, so long as it’s an Illumina.

Travis’s post is well worth reading in full, and you’ll want to update your bookmarks to the new comparison tables.◼