Science online, keep on growin’ edition

Sunlit tree Photo by jby.
  • Ugh, ick, and blargh. Charter schools are turning out to be a great way to get taxpayers to fund your Creationist pseudoscience classes.
  • Silly old bear! Winnie the Pooh, diagnosed.
  • They help … if you tell patients they help. On the medical uses—or lack thereof—for the placebo effect.
  • On what counts in doing science. That is, experience, rather than genius.
  • Eek. Why are academics so vulnerable to online outrage?
  • Onward and upward! Even as they get bigger, trees just keep growing.
  • “I try hard to avoid having principles because they inevitably lead me to hypocrisy, and aside from that, very little else is accomplished.” Why Hope Jahren won’t be interviewed in Nature.

And, this week, a video (via Kyle Hill): how to get leaf-cutter ants to carry a sign. No, you don’t need to unionize them first.