Science online, home-brewed edition

Brewing Coffee with Light Photo by CoffeeGeek.
  • Queer in STEM update! A preliminary look at who participated in the online survey.
  • This week at the Molecular Ecologist: Auto-magically manage your analytic software with Homebrew.
  • And, at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! You’re a scientific society with a financial surplus. How do you spend it?
  • In-depth, that is. How to go about reading a scientific paper.
  • Individuals aren’t averages. But … don’t averages have predictive power? Why psychological studies can’t tell you how to live.
  • Get your head out of the sand and invest in solar. We might beat climate change by innovating, but we won’t beat it by denial.
  • Attention spermologers. The emerging scientific value of Google’s Ngram viewer.
  • More than grants, more than grad students, more even than the sweet respite of tenure. What faculty want is time.
  • Also, less than English. Eek. Out of all the STEM fields, undergrad biology degrees earn the lowest starting salary.

And here’s some lovely video: footage of honeybee mating—taken in flight!