Science online, sleep deprivation and sugar edition

Sugar Cubes Sure, it’s not good for you, but is sugar toxic? Photo by howzey.
  • This week, at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! A guest post calls for escalation in the “arms race” against aggressive mimics in scholarly publishing. And I picked a fight with a Canadian nerd-rapper.
  • Which is more relentless? A new study projects climate change will happen way too fast for vertebrate animals to adapt; but see my take at The Molecular Ecologist.
  • In evolution, and in scientific thought. Reflections on the importance of founder effects.
  • Satisfying the grasshopper and the ant? Cities that plan to prevent—and mitigate—climate change reap short-term benefits, too.
  • Depends what you mean by “toxin,” of course. Is it appropriate to call sugar a toxin?
  • For future reference. The WEIRDness of evolutionary psychology, quantified.
  • I mean, really. Preferring non-science over science for aesthetic reasons is just kind of embarrassing.
  • Let me get back to you on that. Does the self-correcting paradigm of science move too slowly?
  • Vicious cycle. If you lose sleep because you’re worried about something, sleep deprivation will make the axiety worse.
  • Men can still wear whatever they were wearing when they rolled out of bed. How women can dress for success in academia.
  • And it’s not getting better. Handgun safety is a public health problem.
  • Proof-of-concept, anyway. Silencing an entire extra chromosome to cure Down’s Syndrome.