Science online, travellin’ yeast edition

Monarch (Butterfly), Virginia Like monarch butterflies? Plant milkweed, stat! Photo by Dave Govoni.
  • This week, at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! I discuss my latest paper, study in reconstructing evolutionary relationships with genome-wide data.
  • And, at the Molecular Ecologist: How human migration has shaped the diversity of our domesticated microbes.
  • Yow. Tracking changes in people’s personal microbial communities during a roller-derby.
  • Awww. Bees are better able to remember flowers that offer them caffeinated nectar.
  • Eek. The CDC’s warnings about antibiotic-resistant bacteria are getting scary.
  • Yay! Ambitious plans to genetically engineer a blight-resistant American chestnut are looking promising.
  • Oy. Another meteorite, another claim of fossilized extraterrestrial life.
  • Not good. This year’s overwintering monarch butterfly population is worryingly small.
  • Nifty. For some early birds, feathers on their legs might have formed a second pair of wings.
  • Heh. Seven things that are older than the (creationist) universe.