Science online, field of monocultures edition

cornfield Photo by Jvstin.
  • This week at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! Devin Drown reviews The Adaptive Landscape in Evolutionary Biology.
  • And at the Molecular Ecologist: The carnival of knowing what I know now.
  • Surprise? The biodiversity of a cornfield is pretty depressing.
  • Handy. Tinkering with fishes’ developmental genes recreates (a bit) of the evolution of fins into digits.
  • Of course, winter means wearing more clothes, which harbor lice … Napoleon’s invasion of Russia was stymied not by winter, but by lice carrying typhus.
  • It is, as they say, all in your head. The physical reality underlying near-death experiences.
  • A mess, but one we need to clean up. Race, poverty, and access to education.
  • Inactivated what now? A new therapy for leukemia that uses inactivated HIV to reprogram white blood cells looks promising.
  • For all the good that will do. Climate scientists are starting to use alarming talk titles at conferences.
  • A crucial question. How well would wine grapes really grow in world of Game of Thrones?