Science online, best model kit ever edition

111/365 - You’re My Boy, Blue The whale today. Photo by djwtwo.
  • This week at The Molecular Ecologist: How to pick a programming language.
  • Also, why biologists still speak Latin. How the North American turkey was, indirectly, named after the Eurasian nation-state Turkey.
  • Not-bad news, everyone! Americans will, sometimes, vote for better funding of public universities.
  • Terrible news, everyone. The climate change prognosis is looking a lot worse.
  • No word about the squid, though. How the American Museum of Natural History built a life-size blue whale before anyone involved had actaully seen a whole blue whale, in two parts.
  • Yes, there’s oxytocin in nematodes. It’s called nematocin.
  • It’s just not as easy to see. Black people do, in fact, get sunburns.
  • Tiny pamphlets about abstinence? What do you do when a protected species is about to interbreed itself to extinction?
  • Go ahead, break a leg. (Not really.) Raising a baby doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for a woman’s bones.