Science online, Friday coffee break edition

Scream Someone just saw his report from “23andMe,” I guess. Photo by CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK.
  • At Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! God fails a standard information-theoretic test.
  • At the Molecular Ecologist: Reduce sequencing error with a new “duplex tag” method.
  • The only thing we have to fear is variation at adrenaline receptor loci. Against fearmongering over personal genomics.
  • Encouraging words for job application season. You don’t know how your story ends.
  • We’re number one? Study by Dunkin’ Donuts concludes that scientists drink more coffee than members of any other profession.
  • So say we all. Space operas, graded by accuracy of physics portrayed.
  • Three out of four cases. A large majority of scientific paper retractions are due to fraud.
  • Jumping gigawatt! Experiments that are so crazy, they just might work.
  • Proposed, then scuttled in Congressional absurdity. A multi-location National Park to commemorate the Manhattan Project.
  • Or, you know, human. Ayn Rand’s individualism doesn’t work so well if you’re a hunter-gatherer.
  • The early bug gets the bite. The use of insecticide-infused bed nets at night prompts mosquitoes to bite during the morning.
  • Historical contingency. What killed the electric car, the first time around.