Science online, “CSI: nowhere” edition

. . . and that's how i went insane Cruel and unusual education. Photo by Lee Nachtigal.
  • Zeno’s pinkeye. A woman fails to keep her contacts clean, ends up with eyes infected by an amoeba, which is infected by a virus, which is infected by a smaller virus, which is infected by sub-viral DNA particles.
  • So that works out even? African spiny mice have fragile skin, but that’s okay—it grows back super-fast.
  • Fishing trips. If you do enough different tests, eventually something will come up significant.
  • Or, you know, just more funding for all science? Do we need a NASA for the ocean?
  • CSI it ain’t. U.S. forensics doesn’t just need better technology; it needs a better scientific culture.
  • Let’s teach a chimp sign language, then ask it. Are humans really the only animals with language?
  • Oops? A new report from personal genomics company 23andMe suggests that family history may tell you more about disease risk than, um, personal genomics.
  • Or developing them. Why more ecologists should consider using model systems.
  • The horror! A “former philosophy major” is very upset that his son has to take high school chemsitry.
  • Alongside many other computers. The many movie roles of the IBM AN/FSQ-7.