Science online, seeds of subversion edition

Sweet & Spicy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Don’t roast all those pumpkin seeds—save some to plant. Photo by satakieli.
  • This week, at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! The evolutionary origins (or lack thereof) of type II diabetes.
  • Caveat: adaptive evolution requires (1) heritable variation and (2) time. Make your home garden more self sustaining, and maybe better adapted to a changing climate by saving seeds.
  • In which “functional” means about 80% of what you thought it means. Further complaints about the spinning of ENCODE.
  • Wait, what? Yes, colonoscopies can (rarely!) cause patients to explode.
  • Yeah, you’re probably going to need to declare that in your conflict-of-interest statement. When your new study linking cancer and GMO corn is also central to your new book and documentary film.
  • Size labeling matters. People eat more cookies when they’re labeled “medium”.
  • But probably not, you know, a causative one. An association between type II diabetes and gut bacterial profile.
  • Paging Dr. Jones … Paging Dr. Indiana Jones. A Tibetan statue brought to Germany by the Nazis was made from a meteorite.
  • Wallace’s online. A new online archive of the work of Alfred Russell Wallace.

Video for the week: “Plants are cool, too!” is a botannical YouTube series. And yes, it’s cool. Here’s an episode featuring University of Idaho (go Vandals!) biologist Dave Tank, who acts as a tour guide through a famous fossil site not far from the UI campus.