Science online, roller derby to tenure edition

coconut You’re not hydrated—you’ve got two empty halves of coconuts and you’re banging them together. Photo by Minette Layne.
  • This week at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! Sarah Hird reports on a workshop, The Ecology and Evolution of Host-Associated Microbiota.
  • And at The Molecular Ecologist: Making maps with R.
  • Applying sports psychology to an academic career, part I and part II—and further thoughts on that theme.
  • Prepare for a whole week of Friday Weird Science. Scicurious gets ready to blog the Ig-Nobels.
  • Endangered species, catfish, and—gasp—American ginseng. What a DNA barcoding study found in dietary supplements.
  • Bird brains. The only thing that drives Creationists crazier than fossils is fossils of feathered dinosaurs.
  • The stuff from the tap still wins. Running the nutritional—and hydrational—numbers on coconut water.
  • Maybe if they drink enough coconut water? Could humans become photosynthetic?
  • Splitters v lumpers, round eight thousand. The arguments, pro and con, on whether to split genus Anolis.
  • Convenient. Turns out that many of the most-sustainable and least-mercury-laden fish species are also better for you.