Big, bloggy news

Starting today, I’m officially part of the crew at the Molecular Ecologist, the group blog associated with the journal Molecular Ecology, as both a contributor and a sort of coordinator/administrator.

Molecular Ecology‘s managing editor Tim Vines first approached me about joining the site back at Evolution 2012, and I’m excited to start talking about the many wonderful uses of molecular genetic data with Holly Bik, Mark Christie, Nick Crawford, and Peter Fields. We’re hoping to bring in lots of guest posters as well. (And if you’re interested, send me an e-mail.) Although the Molecular Ecologist is affiliated with Molecular Ecology, the vision of the site is not to promote the journal itself, but to build a space for the community of scientists interested in the journal’s subject matter. As part of that effort, we’ve launched a Molecular Ecologist page on Facebook, and I’m taking over @molecologist on Twitter.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense!, much less here at D&T; the Molecular Ecologist is aimed at a somewhat different audience than either of my other online locales, and while this may spread me a little thinner, I expect I’ll be covering different topics at each site.◼