Science online, light-eating aphids edition

bison What’s in your mitochondria? Photo by photogism.
  • Shutting Todd Akin down, with data. The actual science on prengancy following rape, the weird idea that a particular pregnancy complication could be triggered by unfamiliar sperm, and on the psychology that might lead people to think rape can’t lead to pregnancy.
  • Population genetic pollution? Modern populations of North American bison still carry the genetic results of a historical attempt to cross breed them with cattle.
  • Woah. Aphids may be photosynthetic.
  • Make sure they never prosper. How punishing cheaters may be necessary for the evolution of cooperation.
  • “… the pressure to publish has reportedly been a source of stress for Mokoko …” The Onion reports on a study in which a chimpanzee learns to conduct studies on chimpanzees.
  • Woah. Aphids may be photosynthetic.
  • Meet Trogloraptor. A new spider species found in the Pacific Northwest is so different from known species it’s going to get its own family.
  • Probably not. Did komodo dragons grow that big so they could hunt miniature elephants?
  • Spiking the green ball. Power companies are starting to worry that electric car owners may all plug in for a charge at the same time of day.
  • All it needs to eat earthworms, apparently. A new newly discovered species of rodent has only four teeth.
  • Great—now I’ve got a biological clock, too. Older fathers are more likely to pass on mutations to their children.
  • In birds and humans. How climate change may increase the rate of West Nile virus infections.
  • Peter Abrams. An annotated (and opinionated) bibliography.
  • You may upgrade to the companion scent “Complacency” only with written permission from your tenure committee. The new fragrance for academics: DESPERATION.