Post number one thousand

Milestones Big, round numbers. Photo by Anita363.

The Blogger odometer informs me that this very post is the one thousandth bit of vexed ranting, baseless speculation, slobbering syncophancy, and/or scurrilous gossip to appear at this fine “web-log.” In fact it’s been more than six and a half years since I first posted at what was then Which, wow. Here’s a hastily assembled list of significant milestones over the years:

  • My first formal post about a science paper (which was also a Science paper): January 2008.
  • My note on the inauguration of President Barack Obama: January 2009.
  • The post that ultimately won me a trip to my very first Science Online conference: July 2009.
  • The post in which I came out online: October 2009.
  • My very first weekly roundup of online science news: December 2009.
  • The post about geneticist J.B.S. Haldane’s involvement in a science-fictional Soviet propaganda film, which was chosen for Open Lab 2011: October 2010.
  • The post noting that I passed my dissertation defense: April 2011.
  • The post assembling my live-tweeting of my fourth marathon: June 2012.

It’s been a good ride. Thanks for reading, everyone!◼