Science online, counting the dinosaur-eating mammals edition

A black bear. Photo by ucumari.
  • This week at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! David Hembry looks back on changes in ecology and evolutionary biology over the course of his dissertation research; and the contributors make plans for Evolution 2012.
  • Have you submitted somthing for the Pride edition of Diversity in Science? You should do that now.
  • Competition between scientific tribes? A few choice complaints about the debate over group selection.
  • Spoiler alert: No. Do women prefer more complex music when they’re ovulating?
  • Kinda. Black bears can count.
  • The chicken-salad sandwich in your lunch box doesn’t count. Paleontological evidence of mammals that ate dinosaurs.
  • Philip V. Tobias, 1925-2012. A lifetime of evolutionary anthropology, eulogized.

And finally, Grist reports that the kakapo, New Zealand’s delightfully odd ground-dwelling parrot, is less endangered than it used to be, thanks to considerable effort by some very tolerant conservation biologists. Tolerant of what? Well, let’s go to the video: