Science online, paper in your hot dog edition

Hot dog. Photo by stu_spivack.
  • Two plus two may equal five, depending on what you’re counting. A series of thought experiments explain why in statistics, numbers need not add up.
  • Because of course you were curious. The anatomy of alligator erections, explained.
  • In other news, too much food is bad for you. Deborah Blum puts the recent study linking red meat consumption to risk of death in context.
  • Teamwork! Pesticides aren’t the sole cause of honeybee colony collapse—but they interact dangerously with other stresses.
  • But less likely to be journal editors. Hmm. Women are less likely to turn down requests for peer review.
  • And how to cultivate better ones. Author Charles Duhigg tells Steve Silberman how to break bad habits
  • Unnatural history. A new kind of museum showcases animals that have been modified by humans.
  • My baloney has a first name/ It’s P-A-P-E-R. A new form of processed cellulose—the same plant fibers used to make paper—could replace saturated fat in foods like hot dogs.