Science online, Easter Island sustainability edition

Easter Island. Photo by vtveen.
  • Easter Island is no Greenland. The collapse of Polynesian society on Easter Island may not have been due to ecological damage, but a terminal case of Europeans.
  • Angry Birds can’t do that. Players of an online game have resolved the structure of a key HIV protein.
  • The kids are all right. David Dobbs draws together emerging research on the brains of teenagers.
  • You’re running late. But so is everyone else. Our perception of the present is really a remembrance of the immediate past.
  • Fortunately, I hear that the honey badger doesn’t care. The popular idea that honey guide birds lead honey badgers to beehives is probably a myth.
  • Hold your horses, Jean-Baptiste. Heritable epigenetic changes to gene expression may not have much impact over evolutionary time.
  • Predator becomes prey. Ground beetle larvae prey on much larger frogs and toads by luring them in for an attack.

And finally, via SciAm, the peacock spider. Check out that thorax!