Science online, urban evolution edition

Freddie Fungus and Alice Algae have no likin’ for prions. Photo by 0olong.
  • Genetically determined, except when it isn’t. The evolutionary context of misogyny.
  • Queering evolution? The new frontier for evolutionary biology may be tracking adaptation to human-built environments.
  • Mad lichen disease? Some lichens can apparently break down prions.
  • Really, where would it have gone? That big underwater plume of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico is still there.
  • No surprise to field scientists, I suspect. Commercial GPS systems have some downright dangerous issues with their databases for rural and wilderness areas.
  • “This was the original peer review: immediate and open” The increasing use of online platforms for post-publication peer review may be taking scientific discourse back to its Enlightenment-era roots.
  • Guess I’d better get some more gel packs. Carbohydrate supplements during exercise do, in fact, help you work longer
  • I’m sure that if/ I took even one sniff/ It would bore me terrifically, too … Pair-bonding with a mate seems to make voles less prone to amphetamine addiction.
  • Time to revise the bat “pollination syndrome.” A bat-pollinated tropical vine has leaves that collect and reflect its pollinators’ echolocation signals.