Science online, light fantastic edition

  • The poetic possibilities alone are staggering. Given a wing with the right optical properties, it’s possible to fly on a beam of light.
  • Which is why I buy in bulk. Serving snacks in smaller packages can help people eat less—but it only works for overweight people.
  • “Digital rectal stimulation.” Really. Science finds a cure for intractable hiccups.
  • Being female ≠ being anemic. Normal blood loss during menstruation does not cause iron deficiency.
  • Two million years of eating bamboo. Although fossils of the giant panda’s ancestors are few and far between, paleontologists are beginning to piece together their evolutionary history.
  • Context! Ed Yong compiles five years of stem cell research into an interactive timeline.
  • Boy, is my face red. How did blushing evolve as an involuntary social signal?

And now, Nature Video explains a new study [$a] that suggests why seahorses are horse-shaped. Via The Hairpin.