Science online, bright and beautiful edition

Beep-beep. Photo by jafro77.

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  • Run, run, as fast as you can … For small ground birds like ptarmigans, the energetic cost of running decreases as they go faster.
  • Declining effect. Ecologists really shouldn’t be all that surprised, or worried, about the “decline effect”.
  • Skin guns don’t heal people. Doctors with skin guns heal people. A new “skin gun” can heal second-degree burns by spraying them with stem cells.
  • Microscopic foraminifera know more than you might think. The history of a warming Northwest Passage is encoded in plankton.
  • Ants are total mutualism sluts. Microbes living on leafcutter ants generate antibiotics that may help fight bacterial infections of the ants’ fungus gardens.
  • Harder than it sounds. Science educators need to know when, and how, to say, “I don’t know.”
  • Is that a just-so story in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Scicurious and A Primate of Modern Aspect consider adaptive explanations for the shape of the human penis.

Video this week, via Thoughts from Kansas: a Sunday School song for the combative biologist. (See also Eric Idle’s classic “All Things Dull and Ugly”.)