Twelve months of Denim and Tweed

Following DrugMonkey’s example, here’s the first sentence of the first D&T post in each month of 2010:

  • 1 January—Happy New Year! Link.
  • 3 February—Regular readers of Denim and Tweed know that I’m fascinated by the evolution of species interactions: interactions between plants and nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Joshua trees and yucca moths, parasitoid wasps and butterflies, and between ants and the trees they guard. Link.
  • 4 March—Field Season phase I, in which I play tour guide for my parents through the sights of the California and Nevada desert, is now complete. Link.
  • 9 April—Getting serious mileage out of the new camera! Link.
  • 1 May—Here’s a great American, fretting about immigrants: Link.
  • 2 June—I celebrated the Memorial Day weekend by, among other things, not getting around to writing the final installment of the Big Four series, which was scheduled for sometime this week. Link.
  • 2 July—Between the all-day conferencing of Evolution 2010 and the fact that car trouble stranded me in Kennewick, Washington, almost exactly halfway between Portland and Moscow, I haven’t done enough online reading to justify my usual end-of the week roundup. Link.
  • 3 August—For all living things, information is critical to survival. Link.
  • 1 September—The cover article for last week’s issue of Nature promised to be the last word in a long-running scientific argument over the evolution of cooperation—but it really just rejiggers the terms of the debate. Link.
  • 1 October—Okay, I think I have things back under control. Link.
  • 1 sNovember—Scicurious has officially posted her epic compilation of recipes by and for graduate students, i.e., compiled with budget and preparation time in mind. Link.
  • 2 December—Security expert Bruce Schneier thinks that we should close the Washington Monument. Link.

There’s one or two instances of genuine unintentional out-of-context humor there. Also, I write some long-ass sentences, don’t I?