The Carnal Carnival comes again

Based on a careful analysis of D&T visitors over the past month, I conclude that orgasms are a popular topic.

Absolute unique visitors per day, tabulated by Google Analytics..

So perhaps you folks would be interested in an entire blog carnival about orgasms? I think this is very likely. Fortunately for you, orgasm is the theme of this month’s Carnal Carnival, hosted with great enthusiasm by Scicurious. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “The Carnal Carnival comes again

  1. Hi – there’s no way to be subtle about this, so I’ll just be shameless instead: I’m currently looking for new posts for the MolBio carnival coming out on December 6th and I would love to include one of your posts (I read your blog fairly regularly, although I don’t comment as often as I should!). Although the carnival is MolBio themed, I’m happy to accept most biological processes that happens around the size level of cells.

    You can find out more information, and submit posts, here:

    Thanks! (and feel free to delete this comment if you feel it’s too spammy)

  2. Hi, Lab Rat—I don’t consider that a spammy comment at all, or at least not in a bad way. I’d be happy to submit, but I don’t do many genuinely molecular posts … maybe this one counts on the “size level of cells” criterion?

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