Science online, southward bound edition

I’ll take the high road, you take the low road … Photo by gwgs.
  • Still gushing. The Deepwater Horizon well is still not contained. Wednesday BP agreed to set aside $20 billion for an independent reparations fund.
  • Got ’em coming and going. Even if they escape being soaked in oil themselves, seabirds are at considerable risk of eating oil-soaked prey. (Deep Sea News)
  • Me, I just turn left by default. Given a choice between a southern route and a northern route of equal length, people will choose the southern route—apparently because it feels easier. (Wired Science)
  • Who doesn’t want a view of the park? The conservation benefits of protected land can be offset if nearby real estate becomes popular. (Conservation Maven)
  • This is why I’m not a neurologist. Remember all those papers based on fMRI brain scans? Yeah, apparently we’ve only just discovered what fMRI scans actually mean. (Neurotopia)
  • Looking for an open alternative to MatLab? Try Python. (U+003F)
  • What is “forty-two,” Alex? IBM’s next advance in artificial intelligence centers on teaching a supercomputer to answer “Jeopardy” questions. (NY Times)

This week’s video from BBCEarth: David Attenborough says “boo” to a sloth.