Science online, stuck in the Felsenstein Zone edition

Gray crowned rosy-finch. Photo by jroldenettel.
  • Bayesian methods for reconstructing evolutionary relationships between species may be susceptible to errors created by long branch attraction – one of the problems they were supposed to solve. (dechronization)
  • When introduced trout compete for food with gray-crowned rosy-finches, the rosyfinches lose. (Conservation Maven)
  • The success of an invasive plant depends on the kind of habitat it’s invading, and how that habitat is managed by humans. (The EEB & flow)
  • New fossils are the earliest-known vertebrate footprints on land – 395 million years old. (Not Exactly Rocket Science, Laelaps, Pharyngula, and Palaeoblog)
  • Give a meteorologist a green screen, and he’ll tell you tomorrow’s forecast. Give a meteorologist professional certification, and he’ll tell you that climate change is a hoax. (Columbia Journalism Review)