Science online, share and share alike edition

Wednesday saw Greta and Dave Munger turn off the virtual lights at Cognitive Daily after five years of high-quality, and often participatory, science writing. No other science blog that I know regularly asked its readers to join studies, however informal, of the very concepts it covered – not just writing about science, but practicing it. It’s sad to see it end, but I’m looking forward to the new project Dave teases at the end of the announcement. Elsewhere in the science blogosphere:

Photo by Gary Simmons.
  • Europe’s fisheries aren’t likely to recover by 2015, as planned under a 2002 treaty. (Conservation Bytes)
  • The American Naturalist will begin requiring authors to deposit all data, not just genetic sequences or phylogenetic trees, in publicly-accessible online repositories. (skeetersays)
  • Shorebirds may migrate in part because there are fewer nest predators at higher latitudes. (Living the Scientific Life)
  • Natural selection imposed on native species by invasive species might make prairie grass communities better able to resist new invasions. (Conservation Maven)
  • Lemurs might have colonized Madagascar by rafting on driftwood – a new model of ocean currents shows that it might have been easier than previously thought. (Laelaps)