Science online, fried couch potato edition

Photo by Kevin Steele.

Yes, I’m presently at Science Online 2010, but there’s no rest for the Interwebs.

  • Kill your TV, before it kills you: Watching more than an hour of television a day may counteract the benefits of regular exercise. (Dave Munger at SEED)
  • Divorce rates are higher in states with same-sex marriage bans. Correlation, or causation? “It could be that voters who have more marital problems of their own are more inclined to deny the right of marriage to same-sex couples.” (
  • Artificial selection of food plants doesn’t reduce their genetic diversity, it turns out. (Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog)
  • Prairie dogs help prevent invasive plants from invading. (Conservation Magazine)
  • Circumcision changes the bacterial community of the penis – and reduces the presence of species that can cause bacterial vaginosis. (Mike the Mad Biologist)
  • The evolution of avian influenza depends more on local dynamics than on long-distance migration events. (Mystery Rays from Outer Space)
  • Farmed salmon released in Scotland swim for Norway. (Conservation Maven)
  • In Fiji, tilapia escaped from fish farms are probably preying on native fish. (Observations of a Nerd)

And, finally, via kottke, beautiful footage paired with unsettling statistics.