Oh, and by the way …

I’m gay.

I came out of the closet just a few months ago — but that’s a story I probably won’t recount in any detail on D&T, which has never included much detail about my personal life, and probably never will. I debated whether to write even a brief post like this, and finally decided to do so only because this is a part of my personal experience that colors what I discuss here. And, what the heck, today is National Coming Out Day. Cheers.

PS: For blogging on the politics and personal issues of gay identity, see Dan Savage and Andrew Sullivan, in that order. They’ve strongly shaped my own views in my journey so far, and are much more eloquent and authoritative than I could hope to be. For discussion of homosexuality in an explicitly Mennonite context, see PinkMenno.

Update, added 9 November 2010: Further explanation for my decision to come out online may be found here.

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