I think this says it all …

At the behest of a reader, the Daily Dish posts this photo of an integration protest. Any of those slogans sound familiar?

“Race Mixing is Communism”
“Stop the Race Mixing March of the Antichrist” [sic]

Yes, that’s Martin Luther King, Jr., they’re calling the Antichrist.

Photo hosted at WikiMedia Commons.

I think the lesson here is that, for the segregationists as for the people who now say that health care reform is Socialist/ Fascist/ Communist/ Satanic, these terms mean only one thing: “not the way I want America to be.” And I think it’s every bit as sad that there exist Americans who believe it’s OK for a huge portion their our fellow Americans to live without proper health care, as it was for there to exist Americans who thought it was wrong for black kids to go to school with white kids.