My new album

It’s the joke Dave Barry ran into the ground – just about any random word or phrase makes a convincing band name – but it was still entertaining to do it.

I’m thinking Danger Zone probably sounds suspiciously like U2.

Meme instructions follow:
1) Your album cover is the third image on this page. 2) Your band name is the article title at the top of this page. 3) Your album title is the last 4 or 5 words from the last quote on this page. [I’ve changed the Flickr link to bring up only images licensed under Creative Commons.]

Via Bill Corbett, who is, apparently, starting a cover band called “Burgess.”

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3 thoughts on “My new album

  1. Danger Zone sounds nothing like U2. I would put it more along the lines of some 80’s grunge band, though the title of the album does sound somewhat reminiscent of U2, perhaps this band is closer to Radiohead.

  2. Radiohead would also make sense. Looks like the “band name” link is just broken – I checked the page where I picked up the instructions, and it doesn’t work there, either. Try here instead.

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