Isn’t dating Darwinian enough already?

Sent to me by Roxy Allen, who seems to be out to wave public misperceptions about evolution in my face (on Darwin Day, she pointed me to that depressing, depressing poll result): Darwin Dating is your go-to for eugenic relationship-building, or so it claims.

Sick of dating websites filled with ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos? We are.

Darwin Dating was created exclusively for beautiful, desirable people. Our strict rules and natural selection process ensures all our members have winning looks. Will you make the cut?

Obvious issues: (1) members are actually self-selected, as long as they send in a reasonably good photo; (2) since when are photos on Internet dating sites honest indicators? (3) do you really want to go looking for a mate amongst attractive/dishonest people who self-selected for a pretend-exclusive fringe dating site? Bio-nerd issue: attractiveness may have little relation to true Darwinian fitness (i.e., ability to successfully raise lots of offspring).

1 thought on “Isn’t dating Darwinian enough already?

  1. Well I guess the premise is that people are more likely to want to procreate with you if you are attractive (self-selectedly attractive).

    Too bad beauty is only skin deep!

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