Evolutionary merchandising, just in time for Darwin Day

I’ve never quite found a t-shirt design that speaks to me as a bio-nerd. Sure, there are tees out there that promote evolution (usually in opposition to creationism), or science in general, and some are pretty awesome. But where’s the evolutionary biology equivalent of the infinite in-jokes for computer programmers, say? I haven’t seen ’em.

Here, then, are my first attempts to fill this minuscule hole in the market, two designs capturing the twin evolutionary forces of natural selection and genetic drift. Design by me, printing by Spreadshirt. I’ve ordered my own copies of the two pictured here, and they’re great – stylish, comfortable American Apparel tees with clean, bright printing. More options are at my new Spreadshirt store Denim & Tees, or you can work up your own in Spreadshirt’s nifty online designer.