Unicorns existed, say Creationists

How do we know that Answers in Genesis, the creation “science” clearinghouse, deserves the credibility previously reserved for actual scientists? Because it serves to publish important discoveries like this one: unicorns are real. This is made possible by the sort of insightful, unbiased thinking that only Creationists are capable of:

Some people claim the Bible is a book of fairy tales because it mentions unicorns. However, the biblical unicorn was a real animal, not an imaginary creature. The Bible refers to the unicorn in the context of familiar animals, such as peacocks, lambs, lions, bullocks, goats, donkeys, horses, dogs, eagles, and calves (Job 39:9–12 KJV).

Actually, the article is trying to claim that a word which has sometimes been translated into English as “unicorn” may refer to an extinct (and very fearsome) ungulate of some sort. Or the word may actually mean “wild ox.” But what kind of fun would that be?

Via dechronization.

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