Evolution 2009: Evolution will be blogged

Evolution 2009ResearchBlogging.orgAn advantage of being in charge of the website for Evolution 2009, the joint annual convention of the American Society of Naturalists, Society of Systematic Biologists, and Society for the Study of Evolution: when I suggest that we ought to do something to involve science bloggers in the conference, I get to set it up. Or maybe that’s actually a disadvantage.

In any event, we’re experimenting with a blogswarm for this year’s conference – if you’re attending the conference and think you’d like to ‘blog about it, or just want to help spread the word, head over to the just-posted blogging page, download a badge to put on your site (see my sidebar, and the inset on this post, for examples), and drop me an e-mail so I can add your URL to the list of participating science blogs. I’m also interested in suggestions, both conceptual and technical, for how to improve the resources at that page, which currently consist of a small selection of logo badges, and the list of participants – I’d particularly like to try aggregating relevant posts from participating blogs into a single RSS feed.

With blogging becoming more common as a way to educate the public and converse with other scientists, I hope this will improve Evolution’s profile outside academic biology and facilitate conversation among attendees before, during, and after the conference. Also, as a colleague (who shall remain nameless) pointed out, this should make it easier to organize the kegger.


S.A. Batts, N.J. Anthis, T.C. Smith (2008). Advancing science through conversations: Bridging the gap between blogs and the academy. PLoS Biology, 6 (9) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.0060240


If it’s online, it must be for real

The website for the Evolution 2009 meetings, to be held right here at the University of Idaho this spring, is officially live, although issues remain with our domain registration (eventually, evolutionmeetings09.org is supposed to forward to this page). Graphic design for the conference logo is by Christian Blackman, a UI Art and Design student; HTML coding and layout by yours truly.