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Stuff online, disappearing shorelines and thoughtful fingertips edition

2014.09.05 - Lower Manhattan I


  • Nickel-and-dime misgovernment. How local governments, especially small ones, are way worse than the Feds—and how they’re shaking down their poorest citizens with court fees and traffic fines.
  • If we’d just spend the money. There’s a system in place to mass-produce an anti-ebola drug.
  • It’s almost as though conventional wisdom is just Baby Boomer projection. Apparently millennials read more books than their elders.
  • Or, the only thing that got me through yesterday. A brand remembers September 11.
  • Because this is totally what’s holding us back. The legal complications of mining asteroids.
  • Going down. Thanks to erosion and rising sea-levels, there’s a lot less Louisiana than you might think.
  • Pretty slick. A plasmid that gives bacteria genetic code to fix nitrogen also helps them mutate to better work with a host plant.
  • And yet they’re no help with my writer’s block. Receptors in your fingertips are thinking about what you touch even before they tell your brain about it.

Stuff online, conservation and consternation edition

Summer sunset in the boundary waters.

Photo by Clint McMahon.

  • For now and the future. Fifty years of wilderness protection in northern Minnesota.
  • Not feeling the fucking love. A soft-pedal profile of I Fucking Love Science, and its emphatic counterpoint.
  • Visibility! A new site devoted to the personal stories of LGBTQ scientists.
  • Maybe a bit? Is ecology explaining less than it used to?
  • Maybe not different “species,” though. How one bacterial symbiont split into two without ever leaving its host.
  • C’est vrai. On immersion-learning a foreign language, and the meaning of learning.
  • Government bureaucrats over corporate bureaucrats. Make government smaller and more efficient by hiring more workers instead of out-sourcing.
  • And he ought to feel like one, by now. Hope Jahren sure has an asshole for a colleague.
  • Best unintended consequence ever. A socialist utopia is no place for pickup artists.
  • Robert Moses versus humanity. The man behind the worst public planning choices of the 20th century.
  • As in everything else. American inequality applies to diet quality, too.
  • Antonin Scalia is a horrible, horrible person. Exhibit A.

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Light Bulb

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen … Photo by Antony Storo


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2006.07.10 - St. Mary's Lake

Still worth it.